Thanks to a groundbreaking concert and hockey game, Seattleites finally got a taste of Climate Pledge Arena last weekend. Folks got to see all the hard work that’s gone into creating our city’s newest and maybe coolest events and sports venue. And they also got to test out some of Amazon’s own technology.

Fans buying food and drinks got to experience Amazon’s cashier-less technology. It’s the same technology that’s used in the companies Amazon Go grocery stores. And it’s a technology that will eventually be brought to 2 Whole Foods Markets in Sherman Oaks and Washington DC next year.

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If you want to see the technology in action you can watch the video above. The folks at GeekWire signed up for the rather controversial Amazon One palm scanning technology to show us all how it works. They also interviewed fans to see what they thought and the general consensus was that the technology is pretty cool but prices are high ($14 beer, $10 coffee, $7 water, ouch…).

If you’re curious about how the technology works, signing up takes your credit card info and for Amazon One, your palm scan. You’re tracked around the store by cameras after you pick up your food and beverage selection and then you can simply walk out.

It’s bringing the surveillance state to fruition for the sake of convenience but hey, this is Seattle and we wouldn’t expect anything less. We’ll be curious to see if any sneaky Seattleites manage to trick the technology, it’s a feat that might just land them a job in our city’s ever-growing tech sector.