Did you know that the “S” on the Seattle Kraken jersey actually stands for Shaq? Not really but basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal is getting involved with the team in a very tasty way. How you might ask? Well, Shaq is opening his fried chicken chain’s first in-arena resto in the Climate Pledge Arena.

Yep, Big Chicken will satisfy the tastebuds of Kraken fans and event attendees for years to come. The new location is set to open later this month and will serve up all sorts of crispy goodness. Like other chain locations, diners will be able to munch on chicken sandwiches, tenders, and sides.

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Now of course because this is such a unique resto location you will be able to get some unique menu items. Like the Kraken, a Seattle exclusive sandwich made with Buffalo sauce, bleu cheese, and cream cheese. We bet your mouth is watering already.

Now beyond all the tasty chicken and being a first-of-its-kind location, Shaq’s Big Chicken also has some unique features. Namely the fact that it will be utilizing Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology and Amazon One. That means diners will be automatically charged for the items they take without a check-out experience.

So when you finally have the chance to attend a Kraken game or a concert be sure to give Big Chicken a try. And please let us know what the “Shaq Sauce” tastes like, we have to know.