Seattle is already a destination city for many reasons, we have stunning nature, a vibrant food scene and of course our ever growing tech sector. It looks like the tech sector isn’t slowing down anytime soon despite the pandemic. In fact, Seattle’s tech salaries are at an all time high according to a new study from Hired.

As many of us know, the United States and world as a whole has faced mass hiring issues during the pandemic. People are reconsidering where they live, what they do for work and overall if what they’re doing is worth it. And as many people are given more freedom in how and where they work, they’re exploring new options.

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seattle tech salaries
Photo via Hired

This has lead tech companies to “bring in less experienced candidates to fill high demand and invest in learning and development to continuously maintain their hiring pipeline.” And luckily for people in the tech sector, it’s also meant higher salaries. Because you need an incentive at this point to take on these roles right?

In Seattle it means that average tech salaries are at an all time high, they’re up 4.6% from 2020. It also means that we have the second-highest average tech salaries in the US right now. So even it when it seems like the city might be falling apart, it looks like at least one part of our economy is holding together. If you’re ready to make the switch to working big tech, now might just be the time.