The University of Washington ranks high both nationally and globally, it’s perhaps Seattle’s best-known university and is among good company. Between Seattle University, Cornish, and our city’s community colleges, there are plenty of options for higher education. It turns out, our city is one of the best places to study in the nation.

The ranking came from Helpful Professor who did a deep dive into the best cities to study in around the world, taking into account over 1,300 universities across 339 cities in 85 countries.

Scores were determined across 7 factors for each city, including the Number of Universities, Average University Score, Average International Students, Cost of Living, Freedom, Safety, and Friendliness.

Overall, the United States ranked 34th among countries worldwide, while Japan & South Korea both came 1st.

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1. Madison
2. Irvine, Austin, Los Angeles
5. Pittsburgh, Columbus
7. Atlanta, Phoenix
9. Minneapolis
10. Salt Lake City, Boston
12. San Diego, Seattle, Tucson

Overall, Seattle got a score of 36 which isn’t too bad for the rainy city. If our universities keep up the good work and our city keeps working on revitalizing, we could snag a spot in the top 10 with no problem. Until then, enjoy Seattle.