Earlier this year, Starbucks announced it would be adding “Oleato” to its line of drinks. The new olive oil-infused drink dropped just a little over a month ago in Milan, Italy, and has begun to appear on menus across the globe. Whether you like it or not, it’s here in Seattle and begging for you to try it.

You’re probably curious about what an olive oil and coffee combo looks like. According to the brand, Oleato brings together Starbucks arabica coffee deliciously infused with a spoonful of Partanna cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

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Now don’t worry, it’s not your everyday olive oil, Partanna has been specially created and formulated to blend with coffee.

The drink menu includes the following. The Oleato™ Caffè Latte, Oleato™ Iced Cortado, Oleato™ Iced Shaken Espresso, and Oleato™ Golden Foam™ Cold Brew. There’s also an Oleato Golden Foam™ Espresso Martini and an Oleato™ Tasting Experience.

While the Oleato menu was originally just available in Seattle at the original Pike Place store, Starbucks Reserve, and Roastery locations, it is rolling out to other locations in the city.

Psst, it’s also available in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles if you’re planning to travel anytime soon.