It’s the season of cozy road trips, and this scenic route in Ontario offers some of the prettiest fall colours you’ll ever see!

Located in South Frontenac, the Rideau Canal and Battersea scenic route is like something out of a movie this time of year.

You’ll be treated to a vibrant display of fall colors, rolling farm fields, and glistening lakes — with pit stops along the way for those delicious autumn treats.

Start your journey by heading north from Kingston on Highway 15.

Along the way, make sure to stop at a local farm stand to grab some freshly picked apples and snacks.

Just south of the charming town of Seeley’s Bay, hang a left onto Burnt Hills Road.

You’ll have to drive slower through this area as the road has many twists and turns, but you’ll be enjoying the views along the way.

After a few kilometers, you’ll cross over the iconic Brass Point Swing Bridge on the historic Rideau Canal.

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Don’t forget to pause for a moment to take in the breathtaking view as you pass over this engineering marvel.

As you approach the charming village of Battersea, consider taking a break to enjoy lunch or stretch your legs at Millburn Creek Trail.

This scenic 3.1-kilometer trail meanders around Millburn Creek and there are two trailheads to choose from.

Before heading back towards Highway 15, detour to Gilmour Point Park on Wellington Street for a tranquil beach view or a picnic by the lake.

Then, turn left on Sunbury Road (County Rd 12) and head towards Canal Road.

Make a left and visit Upper Brewers Lock on the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With its kaleidoscope of autumn hues, this scenic road in Ontario is totally worth taking.

So, enjoy the simple pleasures of fall in South Frontenac, where nature’s beauty shines in all its glory!

Rideau Canal and Battersea Scenic Road

Length: 39.3 km
Where: See route map here