Ontario is home to some of the most scenic outdoor experiences in the country. Though we may not have huge mountains gracing our landscapes, we do have islands – and lots of them. For a truly wonderful fall adventure, this picturesque drive along the Long Sault Parkway in Ontario takes you through almost a dozen islands, all interconnected by one road.

East of Toronto, past Kingston, is where you’ll find Long Sault Parkway. This scenic route connects you to 11 islands on the St. Lawrence River between Cornwall and Brockville.

During the summer, it is the perfect spot to explore its beaches and campgrounds. But during the fall season, it’s an outdoor wonderland as the trees burst in reds and yellows, offering a picture-perfect view.

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According to St Lawrence Parks, the Long Sault Parkway is a series of islands that “were created from high points of land left after the flooding of the St. Lawrence River during the construction of the Seaway in the 1950’s.”

“In fact, several villages once stood where the river now lies, a fascinating story captured at the Lost Villages display on Macdonell Island.”

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and love to explore it on a bike, you are free to do so. It is a lengthy ride but definitely worth your while.

But make sure to plan your trip quick as the parkway closes mid-November.

Happy exploring!

Long Sault Parkway

Where: 22 Long Sault Dr, Long Sault
When: Until mid-November