If you’re into fitness in Toronto, chances are you have heard of (and perhaps been to) Othership. The popular wellness studio on Adelaide Street burst into the scene back in early 2022, and it created a local love for hot and cold experiences in the city. So much so that classes are often waitlisted. And now, Othership is bringing a new, larger location to Yorkville.

Othership announced that it will be opening its doors at 110 Bloor Street West on November 15. Like the first location, Othership will offer guided sauna and ice bath experiences, paired with breathwork, sound immersion, and aromatherapy.

“Our second location is a testament to Torontonians’ desire for spaces to connect with themselves and their communities,” said Robert Bent, co-founder and CEO of Othership in a statement.

“As a society, we’re starting to think much more about how much our emotional state impacts not only our physical health, but day-to-day life. Othership’s unique take on hot and cold therapy has helped tens of thousands of people de-stress and transform their relationships.”

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Image via Othership Adelaide

The new spot is over 5,000 sq ft, so you can expect Yorkville’s capacity to double that of Othership Adelaide. The new sauna will hold up to 90 people, which Othership says is “the largest in the city.” As for its ice baths, there will be eight private ice baths that “maintain Lake Ontario-like temperatures at one degree celsius.”

For relaxation between sessions, there will be a 505 sq ft tea room with a fireplace. The new location, just like Adelaide, will feature nature-inspired colours to create “a warm, welcoming and safe atmosphere.” You can also expect Othership’s signature scent there, which was designed by one of its founders and is created using four cedars.

Yorkville won’t be the only place Othership is opening in the near future. The owners said that its first two New York City locations will be opening its doors in 2024 and 2025.

To date, Othership said that it has raised more than $10 million in venture funding. “with key backers including early investors in Headspace, as well as the founders of Soul Cycle, Daybreaker and Shawn Mendes.”

The founding team opened Othership as “a modern and unique take on the science-backed routine that’s proven to reduce stress and inflammation, increase immunity and even reduce risk of cardiovascular events.”

Rendering of Othership Yorkville

Besides guided classes, guests can drop-in and experience the space on their own time. The space also offers socials on weekends, offering a non-alcoholic activity in the city.

“People are tired of going to a bar or restaurant in order to have a social night out; there needs to be a better way,” said Amanda Laine, co-founder and lead facilitator.

“People want to reconnect with themselves, relax, drop their guard and feel safe. Othership is a way to socialize without the distractions of technology and reap the health benefits of these practices along the way.”

Intro prices start at $55 for a drop-in, with memberships starting at $45 per month.

Othership Yorkville

When: Opens November 15th, 2023
Where:  110 Bloor St West