Are you all about living life on the edge? Pushing your limits? Surpassing your boundaries?! Then you’ve most likely pondered the idea of an ice bath. The thrilling, icy health experience is known for detoxifying your body, reducing inflammation, muscle relief, and more. That being said, Toronto is home to several locations offering the ice bath service and they’re worth exploring.

Here are four ice bath experiences in Toronto:

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Unbounded Well is Toronto’s first outdoor wellness experience featuring sauna rooms, cold plunges, and breathwork classes. According to the Unbounded team, known for its “primal therapy and experience”, guests will have the ability to enjoy traditional Scandinavian Spruce saunas, firepit lounges, a geodesic dome studio, and cold plunge wells.

Where: stackt market – 28 Bathurst Street



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Othership is “a one-of-a-kind oasis in the city built for social connection and transformative experiences through a sauna and ice bath circuit.” The ice bath allows you to “redefine your relationship to the cold” by enhancing your focus and the power of your breath. Talk about intense.

Where: 425 Adelaide Street W

Element Outdoor Sauna

This spot is home to the world’s first and only Morozko Forge Prism Ice Bath that uses micro-filtration and ozonation to keep the water clean and clear, according to Element Outdoor Sauna. Challenge and push your boundaries with this thrilling, icy experience.

Where: 257 Danforth Avenue


Inward is a community-run, members-only facility with a six-person sauna, cold tub, and tea room. “Submerge your body in the ice bath for a two-minute guided meditation. Detoxify and rejuvenate in the infrared sauna.” And lucky for you, they are now accepting new members.

Where: The 3-Car Garage of 508 Delaware Avenue N