If you’re sad that cherry blossom season is over then you’ll be excited to know there’s another variety of Japanese cherry blossoms in Toronto. Fugenzo blossoms can be found in High Park and the stunning flowers are in bloom right now.

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According to Sakura Steve, Toronto’s cherry blossom expert, Located at the bottom of Cherry Hill, you can find Fugenzo trees, which are another type of Japanese cherry blossom.”

Steve continues, “These tend to bloom a week or two after the better-known Yoshino cherry blossoms have fallen.”

These late-blooming cherry blossoms are much larger, fluffier, and puffier than other cherry blossoms, almost like a carnation in size and shape.

Fugenzo blossoms also tend to have many more layered petals, which makes them much more robust and resilient against rain and wind.

According to Sakura Steve, “This, in turn, helps them to stain in bloom for longer periods, depending on the weather.”

If you want to check out these blooms, the first small grouping of three trees can be found at the bottom of Cherry Hill near Grenadier Pond and the base of the Japanese Garden in High Park.

The Fugenzo blossoms will be around for a bit so make sure to head over to High Park and enjoy cherry blossom season all over again, Toronto!

Fugenzo blossoms

Where: High Park, 1873 Bloor St W