If your New Year’s resolutions include upping your self-care routine and making some new friends, this new retreat is the place to do it. Set to open in January, Othership will occupy a massive space in the heart of downtown Toronto and offer a chance for you to connect with yourself and others through relaxing rituals.

According to its website, Othership will be a “vessel of transformation” as you experience the elements. The ice bath will allow you to “redefine your relationship to the cold” by enhancing your focus and the power of your breath and the sauna will promote “deep body and brain connection” and stress relief.

The sauna is big enough to fit 45 people and will host “unique guided programming that will spark insight and keep your inner flame burning bright.” And you’ll likely meet some pretty interesting people here too.

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In between ice baths and sauna sessions, you can connect with others around the fireplace and rehydrate with a tasty drink.

There are three types of experiences to sign up for at Othership — a 60-minute class that guides you through the process, a 75-minute self-guided Free Flow session, and a 120-minute evening social gathering.

You can also get a special intro deal on your first visit for just $25, or $99 for your first three visits.

There are several new spas and wellness spaces to try out in the Toronto area in 2022.

A massive Finnish-inspired spa just opened north of the city and it has one of the largest authentic woodburning saunas in North America. In the spring, Whitby’s highly-anticipated Nordic spa village is finally set to open its doors.

You can find out more about Othership and get the latest details about their opening on Instagram.


Where: 425 Adelaide St W