Got your Ontario vaccine QR code all set up? Now, you can add it to your Apple Wallet for convenient storage. The province announced on Friday that the enhanced certificate is now compatible with iOS 15.1.

If your iOS is up to date, you can add your unique government-issued QR code to Apple Wallet and Apple Health. The process is quick and easy with just a few steps.

All you have to do is download the iOS update, then access your QR code vaccine passport on a separate device, or by printing out a copy of it. Open up the back camera on the device you’d like to add the passport to, and voila, you’ll get a link to add it to your Apple Wallet. Yes, it’s that simple, we checked.

You can also add your verified immunization record to your Apple Health app as well. To do that, just choose the app instead of your wallet when scanning your QR code. Alternatively, click a verified downloadable link to add to your iPhone/iPad, and import the information from there.

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Transferring your QR code from the Health app to your wallet is also a straightforward process. Once your iOS is upated and you open up Apple Health, you should get a message at the top that reads, “there is a COVID-19 vaccination in your immunization records. You can add it to Wallet for easy reference.”

From there, you hit “Add to Wallet,” which will take you to a preview of your vaccination record before it’s imported. Confirm that it all checks out, and you’re good to go.

This QR code is now the only thing you need to access all of the places where proof of vaccination is required in Ontario. Because it meets the SMART Health Card standard, your QR code can also be used to travel within Canada and abroad.

Trudeau recently announced Canada’s proof of vaccination system for travel, which goes into effect this Saturday, October 30th. All provinces will adopt the nationally-recognized QR code system by the December holidays.

For a more detailed breakdown about adding your QR code to your Apple Wallet, you can click here.