The details we’ve been waiting for about Canada’s proof of vaccine system for travel have finally been revealed. Prime Minister Trudeau addressed the media on Thursday to announce Canada’s “standardized” system, which will be used by provinces and territories across the country.

“The Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination provides Canadians a reliable and secure way to demonstrate their COVID-19 vaccination history, both in Canada and abroad,” said the Prime Minister’s office in a statement.

It will be the national standard for proof of vaccine in order to travel between provinces and to other countries.

Here’s how it works: provinces will issue the proof of vaccination directly to residents who are vaccinated. The credentials are built to the SMART Health Card standard adopted by the federal government and in collaboration with all provinces and territories.

The SMART Health Card standard is already being used by provinces like Ontario, where all residents can now download their proof of vaccine QR code. The certificates are made with a Government of Canada logo at the top to indicate that it’s nationally accepted. As an alternative, you can also request the proof by mail.

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Residents in Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon now have access to the system, and other provinces will be making theirs available in the coming weeks. All provinces are set to implement the standardized credentials by the holidays.

The federal government is working with other countries to ensure that Canada’s new passport system is recognized internationally as well.

This comes as Canada’s new vaccine mandate for travel comes into effect on October 30th, which requires residents to have both shots in order to board a train, plane, or cruise ship.

Residents of provinces where the new standardized system is not yet available, including British Columbia and Alberta, can continue to use their provincial proof of vaccination for now.

Confusing, we know. But, rest assured, because all of your burning questions about the new system will likely be addressed in the coming days, and you already know we’ll be supplying all of the answers.