It looks like Ontario’s vaccine certificate QR codes are launching ahead of schedule. The province has announced that vaccinated Ontarians will have access to their scannable codes over the next three days, depending on their birth month.

Ontarians who were born between January and April can download their codes today. Those with May to August birthdays will get theirs on Saturday, and September to December on Sunday. By October 18th at 6 a.m., everyone who is eligible for a QR code will be able to download one.

You will need your green photo health card to access your QR code but expired health cards are acceptable too. Once you’ve read and agreed to the terms laid out on the provincial website, all you have to do is punch in the numbers on your health card, your date of birth, and your postal code.

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ontario vaccine passport app
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Once you get your shiny new code, you can store it on your phone as your new form of proof of vaccination to enter all of the places where it’s required. Businesses will be using the Verify Ontario app to scan your code at the door.

Scanning the code will allow businesses to quickly check your corresponding Ministry of Health data, including whether or not you have a valid medical reason for not receiving a vaccine and can be exempt from the requirements.

To be clear, the app doesn’t track, save or store any of your personal information. It’s also totally voluntary and you can continue to use your print or digital vaccine certificate if you want to.

If you’ve still got unanswered questions about the new system, the premier is set to make an announcement at 11 a.m. today with more details.