Craving a trip down south? Canada may not be known for its milder climate, but in the town of Kingsville, Ontario, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Located in the southwestern Ontario region of Essex County, Kingsville is actually Canada’s southermost town.

It is in the same latitude as northern California and boasts warmer weather than the rest of Ontario, according to the town’s website.

In fact, the average temperature reaches above 10°C for a large part of the year — around 223 days on average.

That’s not all this region is known for. Kingsville is the neighbour of Leamington and has one of the largest concentrations of vegetable greenhouses in North America.

These greenhouses produce all kinds of fruits, veggies, and potted plants. Plus, it is home to four estate wineries that produce award-winning wines.

It has Canada’s largest winery, which is Pelee Island Winery.

Not far from Kingsville is the magical Point Pelee National Park, which is actually the furthest south you can go on Canada’s mainland.

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This park is extraordinary because it is one of Canada’s most biodiverse national parks.

It’s located in a Carolinian zone and contains five main habitats — the Lake Erie and sand spit savannah, marsh, swamp forest, dry forest, and an incredible sandy beach.

Essex County is one of the more affordable places to live and work in Ontario.

Kingsville itself is a destination worth visiting, and not just for the warmer temperatures.

It’s rich in Victorian heritage and the historic downtown is lined with restaurants serving farm-to-table cuisine, award-winning wines, and local beer.

There are also charming boutiques, lush waterfront trails, and adorable places to spend the night including The Grove Hotel, which is giving retro Malibu beach vibes all around.

This is your sign to pay Kingsville a visit before it gets too cold.

But, it won’t matter too much, since you’ll practically be in California.