It’s springtime here in Toronto which means we can soon look forward to strolls under the pink canopies of High Park’s cherry blossoms. And according to local sakura expert Sakura Steve, the buds are well on their way to blooming.

“I’m happy to see that the trees are showing great progress so far,” said Steve in his video update of High Park’s sakura trees posted on April 9.

“Our winter has avoided any truly damaging or extreme temperature stresses, which has helped the blossom buds develop very well.”

Sakura Steve says that he already sees many buds with green tips poking through, which indicates the first signs of blooming.

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According to Steve, the buds are showing similar progress as was noted in 2021. So if it remains on a similar track over the next few weeks, we should see the big bloom will take place a little bit early.

Specifically, Sakura Steve predicts that the bloom will occur during the last week of April as opposed to the first week of May.

As an extra bit of good news, The City of Toronto announced recently that we will get to see High Park’s cherry blossoms “up close and in person” this spring.

The Sakura groves were fenced off to prevent crowds for the past two springs. This time around, all will be invited back to the park to enjoy the trees in all of their glory, as well as at the 15 other cherry blossom locations around the city.