Well, Toronto — it looks like we finally have some warm weather coming our way. A brief blast of above-seasonal temperatures will hit the city this week and yes, that means you’ll be able to leave your jacket at home.

The warmup will begin today with sunshine and a high of 12°C, followed by a balmy 21°C and plenty of blue skies on Wednesday, April 13 according to The Weather Network (TWN).

Thursday will climb to 14°C with a chance of a shower, followed by a high of 13°C on Friday to kick off the long weekend.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like the warm weather is here to stay just yet.

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Image via The Weather Network

Temperatures are set to plummet once again next week with a high of just 6°C on Monday, April 18, and maybe even a bit of snowfall on Tuesday.

According to TWN’s spring forecast for Ontario, Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott predicts that while we’ll definitely get tastes of mild weather this spring, Canadians in most provinces (including Ontario) can expect an “especially tumultuous” season overall. 

While we’ll continue to get short bursts of unexpectedly warm weather, “this will be a case of two steps forward and one step back,” said Scott.

Come May, however, the outlet is confident that the province will settle into a consistently warm pattern.

Looks like all we can do at this point is enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and look forward to warmer days ahead.