In the warmer months, the Toronto Islands come alive with visitors soaking up the sun and scenery. But, if you want to experience a different side of this popular destination, these hidden gems on the Toronto Islands are totally worth checking out.

From a secluded beach to a labyrinth maze, you’re sure to make some lasting memories after visiting these spots.

Now, we have a few hidden gems on the Toronto Islands to get through, so let’s jump in!

Gibraltar Point Beach

Tucked away from the crowds is the peaceful sandy strip known as Gibraltar Point Beach.

You’ll find it on the southwest end of the island, on the connecting strip between Hanlan’s Point and Centre Island.

It’s named after the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, which is an iconic Toronto landmark with a fascinating (and haunted!) history.

Castaways Rum Shack

Castaways Rum Shack is a brand new spot that opened on Ward’s Island last year, the owners told Curiocity. It was built from an old shack that was left behind on the property.

It features a sprawling, multicoloured patio with bar seating and tables surrounded by greenery.

In the summer it has a wide variety of tropical drinks and mouthwatering bites, served with a side of gorgeous views.

Where: 102 Lakeshore Ave, Ward’s Island, Toronto

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William Meany Maze

Get lost in a labyrinth of this hedge maze right on Centre Island. It’s located a few minutes from the pier and it’s a lot of fun for visitors of all ages.

The maze was restored and reopened back in 2015 after it fell into disrepair.

Over 1,200 black cedars were planted there, bringing the attraction back to life.

Where: Avenue of the Island, Centre Island, Toronto

Algonquin Island

If you want to see how the Toronto Islands residents live, be sure to pay a visit to the tucked-away Algonquin Island.

According to, there are 262 homes and around 650 people who live on the Island.

You can even rent a house there on Airbnb!

St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Anglican Church

This quirky Anglican church on the Island has a great sense of humour.

“We welcome keep-fit mums, hockey dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians and junk food eaters,” their website says.

“We offer a welcome to those who think the earth is flat, work too hard, don’t work, can’t spell, or are here because granny is visiting and wanted to come to church.”

The 1884 church hosts a weekly Sunday service at 10:30 AM, and we can only imagine how entertaining that would be!

Where: 11 Avenue of the Islands, Cibola Avenue, Toronto Islands

Which one of these lesser-known spots will you be exploring first?