Here’s some potentially good news for your summer park hangs. On Friday, City Council voted in support of a motion to develop a pilot program that will allow drinking in Toronto parks this summer.

The pilot, proposed by Councillors Shelley Carroll and Chris Moise, will give locals permission to consume alcohol in some City of Toronto parks for several months starting in August.

However, there are many hoops left to jump through for this pilot to actually take place.

If and when it is approved, not all city parks will actually allow drinking — here’s what you need to know.

Firstly, City staff will have to work with local councillors who are interested in hosting a pilot in their ward.

Staff members will then identify suitable parks for the pilot, and present their findings to the Economic and Community Development Committee by Thursday, July 6th.

They will also propose any necessary bylaw amendments that will have to be made to accommodate the pilot.

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The final presentation will be made to Council during its July meeting.

If at that point the recommendation is approved, the proposed pilot is scheduled to take place from Saturday, August 5th to Monday, October 9th, but only in parks where the local Councillor has chosen to participate.

The City says that locals will still be required to abide by certain rules during the pilot.

“Even with the proposed pilot, existing bylaws regarding liquor in parks, enforced by the City, will continue to apply in all parks,” said the City in a statement.

“Park users must still acquire a permit and licence to sell or serve liquor in any park and cannot consume or possess an open container of liquor in parks not included in the pilot.”

So, it looks like we still have a while to wait for a definitive answer, but it seems highly likely that drinking in Toronto parks may be allowed this summer!