A freshwater lake on a mountaintop doesn’t sound like something you’d find here in Ontario but at Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park, that’s exactly what awaits you.

The scenic lake is situated on a mountaintop in Prince Edward County, around 60 metres above Lake Ontario’s Bay of Quinte.

It offers views of the Bay of Quinte, the Glenora Ferry, and the north shore.

But, this is no ordinary lake. Ontario Parks describes it as a “natural curiosity” because it has a constant flow of clean, fresh water, with no apparent source.

According to Destination Ontario, a popular theory about the formation of this lake is that it is a collapsed doline, which is a limestone sinkhole that is formed when its foundation dissolves.

“Early settlers even believed the lake was so deep it didn’t have a bottom,” says Destination Ontario.

Indigenous Mohawks used to believe that the lake was home to many spirits, and was even given the name of “Onokenoga” which means “Lake of the Gods.”

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Destination Ontario says that scientists now believe that the water source is “actually two streams coming in from higher ground, as well as a nearby swamp.”

Although the true origin story is not known, this lake’s abundant supply of fresh water creates a beautiful sapphire hue.

It’s a beautiful spot for a walk and picnic during a visit to the County.

Not far from Lake on the Mountain is Presqu’ile Provincial Park, a must-see destination with sandy beaches and an expansive boardwalk trail.

Summer adventures are calling, and this natural wonder is totally worth adding to your list.

Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park

Where: 296 County Road 7, Prince Edward