Well, folks, big Jeff is back! That’s right, the multi-million dollar or realistically probably multi-billion-dollar space flight returned safely to Earth this morning with all crew members on board. If you read our coverage yesterday you’ll know that flight included Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Oliver Daemen, and Wally Funk. And while we all stayed back here on Earth, the internet had a few things to say, let’s get into it.

First things first, time to poke some fun at Mr. Amazon. Hint it didn’t, the landing went super smoothly with both a soft landing for the crew and a successful return of the reusable New Shepard booster.

Wanna see how that landing went? We got you.

Here’s the booster returning too.


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Then of course a very appropriate and necessary burn from none other than Elizabeth Warren herself. Jeff might need some of that ice-cold space air to recover from that one.

Need to have that burn put into perspective? Here ya go.

We all know Jeff doesn’t feel the heat of these tweets but if he wanted to catch a little breeze of space air it wouldn’t have been too hard. Because the New Shepard capsule has the largest windows ever built into a spacecraft. You can see them and the crew happily floating around in this short video.

While that design aspect is pretty cool, one user pointed out that some other things could have used a double-take.

Look! There it is!

Oh, wait, need another hot take? Well here’s one for you. And if you’re thinking the name sounds familiar it’s because New Shepard is named after Alan Shepard. Not sure who he is? He was the second man and the first American to travel to space.

Honestly, all of the tweets of people congratulating Jeff Bezos on his flight are the same. So here’s some OG content.

Another one and we’ll say Wally Funk is a lot more than an adorable old woman. In case you don’t know, she was denied space travel in the ’60s so Wally is the real winner in all this. Beyond that, she has set all sorts of records in aviation history including being the first female air safety investigator for the NTSB, the first female civilian flight instructor at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and the first female Federal Aviation Agency inspector.

We’ll leave you with this.

It’s a mixed bag of reactions but you know what the general consensus is. We’ll be curious to see what niche thing the billionaires decide to get into next. Maybe they’ll try to go to the bottom of the ocean? Or maybe they’ll opt for mining asteroids. Start placing your bets folks. Have a great day!