Seattle just ranked as the smartest city in the nation.

In its annual ‘Smart City Index’, real estate technology company ProptechOS says it looked at “U.S. and European cities against the OECD’s stringent criteria for smart cities to gauge emerging trends and directions in the market.”

In its 2024 report, Seattle took the first position, beating Miami in second, and Austin, which came in third. Our score was 75.7 out of 100.

This is an improvement from last year, when Seattle came in third overall.

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“Home to tech behemoths like Amazon and Microsoft, it stands out in our latest analysis for its robust tech infrastructure,” states ProptechOS. “The city is enriched with 34 AI companies and 13 IoT companies per 100,000 residents, reflecting its status as a hub of technological innovation. Regarding sustainability, Seattle has made significant strides, expanding its tree canopy by 13,700 hectares over the past decade and adding an equivalent of ten electric vehicle charging stations per 100,000 residents.”

They add that the efforts made by the city and its “dynamic approach to fostering technological advancement while enhancing its environmental footprint, positioning it at the forefront of a smart city future.”

According to the Smart City Index 2024, its research looks at cities in Europe as well as the U.S based on 16 metrics spanning three categories: connectivity and infrastructure, sustainability, and the tech job market. “These metrics were distilled into an equally-weighted index to identify the leaders in smart city performance,” it states.

Other cities on this year’s list include San Jose, Oakland, Boston, San Fransisco, New York City, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.