The sun is shining and the vibes are good. The summer energy is pumping through the city and we’re slowly making our way out of this pandemic. Oh, and it’s Friday. While that might feel like good news already, we got a whole lot more where those came from. Once again we got our weekly round-up of good news stories from across the country to make you smile, laugh, at the very least give you some good vibes.

Ontario is going into Step 2 of its reopening plan

If you need an indicator that we’re making our way out of the panny (pandemic) this is it. On June 30th, Ontario will be going into Step 2 of its reopening plan. That means small indoor gatherings are allowed, some indoors services as well as expanded outdoor activities. So basically, it’s patio season.

The Calgary Stampede is having a “Summer Stage” music series

The Calgary Stampede is one of the top events in Western Canada and they’re having a huge concert series this year. Oh, and all the acts are Calgary-based. The concert is a homage to what the Stampede used to be in the 70s, which was a giant music show called Summertown. It’ll be very worth checking out!

Elton John is adding more Canadian dates to his farewell tour

If you’re a fan of one of pop’s most eclectic and eccentric artists, (and who isn’t?) this is some amazing news. Elton John has been on a farewell tour for the last few years, and this fall he’s added stops in Vancouver and Toronto. While he stopped by both cities a few years ago, he must not have been able to resist the great vibe those shows had. Or something like that.

A new campground by the people behind Shambhala is opening

If you’re missing the Shambs vibes, this might be the thing to bring back that energy. The campground, which is at the Salmo River Ranch, is set up for tent, and likely even RV, camping. Not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of nature, but the owners are planning open-air concerts, as well as movie showings at the campground. While not the Shambhala we know and love, it still looks fun.

The Montreal Canadiens are heading to the Stanley Cup finals

Allez Montreal!! That’s right. The hockeyest hockey team in Canada is going to the Stanley Cup finals. The first time since 1993! Montreal obviously erupted with joy and celebration, and habs fans across the country were incredibly happy. While we don’t know who the Canadiens are set to go against yet, a game between Tampa Bay and New York will determine that, it’s still a massive cause for celebration. Granted this is only good news if you don’t hate the habs.

Now those were some good news stories from across the country. Whether you’re a music fan or a sports fan or a general happy news fan, we hope there was some good news for you. We will of course see you next week with our next round-up of good vibes.

Have a great weekend!