Itching to get back to Shambhala this summer? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the people behind it have opened a new campground in the same area! Say hello to the Salmo River Ranch Campground, which officially opens on July 1st. Let’s check it out.

This brand new development was created last year, but the owners have not yet been able to share it with the public. The campground is set on some 30 acres of the 500 acres occupied by the Salmo River Farm. It’s only opening with unserviced sites, but is apparently working on serviced ones (for RVs and the like) too.

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While separate from the actual festival grounds, there’s quite a bit to look forward to here. The owners have promised everything from live riverside music concerts to open-air movie showings. So, while you won’t get to lose it at 3 AM to some UK Garage, you might get a taste at like 8 PM instead. That sounds like a fair trade-off to us!

At least, while we wait until the glorious return of Shambhala once more! For more information on this beautiful new camping spot, just click the link below.

Salmo River Ranch Campground

When: Slated to open July 1st
Where: Salmo River Farm, BC
Cost: $28+ per night for a campsite