Bringing you good news is our business. And business is good! That’s right, we’ve rounded up another list of some of the most heartwarming, smile-inducing good news stories from across Canada. Will there be cute animals? Yes, of course! Will there be outer space good news? You bet your bottom dollar there is!

So let’s dive right into it. Here are five good news stories to put a smile on your face.

The headliners for one of Toronto’s biggest music fests have been announced

Oh gosh, remember music fests? Well, they’re coming back and Toronto’s Veld Music Festival is one of them! It’s a little ways away still, with dates set at July 30 & 31 2022, but it’s still great news. Oh and the headliners? Well, the only two acts announced were Marshmello and Martin Garrix, which means it’s going to be a doozy.

You’re still not allowed to party at Airbnb’s until at least the end of the summer

While things have been looking really great lately after vaccinations and lowering COVID cases, we’re not out of the woods completely. And that’s why Airbnb is keeping their big, group and party ban in effect for the next few months. Why is this good news? Well, even before COVID, Airbnb parties were getting well out of hand across Canada. We’re excited for them to come back, but it’s better to be safe than sorry given the current state of the pandemic.

Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto make list of best places to live and work in the world

In a recent list put together by Kisi, these four cities were named the best in Canada for work-life balance. Against every other city they looked at, they ranked 6, 8, 13, and 14 in the world respectively. Which ain’t too shabby! Unsurprisingly the top 5 are mostly Scandinavian, save Zurich, Switzerland.

Canada is going to send a rover to the moon

Soon, Canada’s biggest contribution to space travel will be more than the Canadarm. We’re going where no person, err, several people have gone before. The government is hoping to send a rover to the moon sometime in the next 5 years. While yes, that makes us a bit late for the space race, but it’s still very cool.

This Instagram cat just got an award from Alberta for his amazing photos

While most cats won’t even look at us or freak out when we try to pick them up, Gary the cat is going out for amazing adventures. Gary and his owner James are taking helicopter rides to Banff mountain tops and backpacking out in the country and documenting it all on Insta. And, their pics were so awesome they got a reward for it.

And there you go. We hope this round-up of good news is giving you the energy you need after this week. It always recharges us to bring them to you, that’s for sure.

Now go out and have a happy weekend!