Even as areas around Canada have announced reopening plans for the summer, Airbnb has kept its global party ban in place. The ban was initially revealed last summer, and the goal is to prevent unsafe bookings or disrupt communities. Here’s exactly what that means for you.

When the Airbnb party ban was first announced back in August of 2020, vaccines had yet to be approved and regions around the world were dealing with spikes in infections. So, Airbnb made the call to simply do away with options for either large gatherings or parties.

What that means is that even outside of local health restrictions, bookings were capped at a maximum of 16 people. But, more importantly, events that were deemed to be ‘disruptive’, ‘unsafe’, or had ‘disruptive noise’ were also banned.

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In order to help implement the ban, Airbnb removed certain parts of their platform, like booking filters that allowed events to take place. If these types of bookings went down anyway, then members of the community could call in to report them. Guests who get caught could face their account being removed, while hosts could see their Airbnb getting delisted.

So, it’s clear the company wasn’t messing around, and isn’t ready to start back up anytime soon. As a matter of fact, the company has only said that it will provide another update at the end of the summer, instead of providing an actual end date.

Well folks, that’s the update! Stay safe out there and follow public health restrictions, whatever they may be in your region!