The Great North is a beautiful country, but it can certainly give you the creeps if you let it. From castles where a tragic accident occurred to 100-year-old homes with a mysterious past,- every province, city, and small town has at least one spooky story to tell and we’ve rounded up some of the most notable. Here are the 14 haunted places in Canada.



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Since it opened to the public in 1888, the Banff Springs Hotel has seen history, celebrity, and rebuilds. In that time, however,  it’s also seen a whole lot of tragedy. You see, while millions of guests have checked in, there were a few who have never checked out. Some even believe that they still roam the halls of the iconic concrete castle in the Rockies today.

Where: 405 Spray Ave, Banff, Alberta



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Built in 1915, one of Nova Scotia’s most popular tourist destinations, Peggy’s Point is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman named Margaret – who either was the only survivor of a shipwreck or a woman who tragically lost her family to the cove. While neither story has ever been confirmed – this hasn’t stopped people from telling the tale of the ghostly woman who has been reported on the rocks.

Where: Peggy’s Cove, Halifax, Nova Scotia



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Despite early warnings by the Indigenous people who lived on the land far before it was colonized, the town now knowns as Frank Slide was built under what locals called “the mountain that moves.” Unfortunately, those who settled in town also built a mine and cold temperatures coupled with wet conditions caused the unstable structure to collapse which took the life of 90 residents.

Where: AB-3, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta



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Established as a North-West Mounted Police training facility and home base, Fort Battleford, is another reportedly haunted site. In fact, they even offer spooky walks where people have reported seeing a ghostly surgeon and soldiers that disappear without a trace.

Where: Central ave, Battleford, Saskatchewan



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For those who live in the area, it should come as no surprise that Vancouver’s Waterfront Station made the list. From ghostly appearances of a flapper-dress-clad woman to haunting encounters and unexplained activity, Vancouver’s iconic 109-year-old building is one that gives us serious chills.

Where: 601 Cordova Street W, Vancouver, British Columbia

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As Canada’s oldest maximum-security prison, one can only assume that the walls of the Kingston Penitentiary have seen the worst and most violent. Though it’s now empty and abandoned, the space is still said to see a whole lot of action. Curious? Those in the area can actually take a guided tour where, if you’re lucky, you may even see a ghost!

Where: 560 King St W, Kingston, Ontario



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Located in Victoria, this magical castle is not only beautiful – it’s also mysterious. So much so, that it’s been used in movies, photoshoots and unsettling TV shows in hopes of really selling an eerie vibe. Said to be inhabited by the original owner and his daughter, this 1800s build is incredibly haunting and totally worth viewing if you’re interested.

Where: 1050 Joan Crescent, Victoria, British Columbia



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Aptly named for its creepiness, The Isle Of Demons (alternatively known as Quirpon Island) is actually beautiful – though sailors believed it to be cursed. As legend has it, the Island is haunted by a French noblewoman who was sent to die there after she had an affair with a younger man. Scandalous. 

Where: Quirpon Island, Newfoundland



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Allegedly haunted by the many, many inmates who were hanged, murdered or jailed for life, Don Jail closed back in 2013 and for good reason. Though it no longer operates as a prison it remains today, abandoned – creepy, and open for guided tours almost every day.

Where: 550 Gerrard St E, Toronto, Ontario



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Located on the west coast, Tranquille Sanatorium is about as spooky as it gets. In 1907, this building was opened as a tuberculosis hospital, however, it shifted its focus to the mentally ill. This was not the only time it changed its purpose though, in 1983 it briefly operated as an institution for young offenders, and now – it’s actually surrounded by a farm – whose owners recently gave tours of both the hospital and the tunnels that run underneath it.

Where: Kamloops, BC



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At over 100 years old, the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg is notoriously spooky. Over the years, guests have reported seeing apparitions, blood dripping down the walls and even claim to have felt someone climb into bed with them. The most active room? Well, according to ghost-enthusiasts – that would be #202.

Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba



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Originally built in 1871 – the Grey Nuns Motherhouse is like something right out of a horror movie. Though it certainly wasn’t used for anything sinister, its basement does act as a crypt containing the remains of the over 250 nuns who died of an infectious disease – which to us, is a whole lot spookier than an apparition.

Where: Montreal, Quebec



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Edmonton’s Princess Theatre – the oldest standing movie theatre in the area – was originally designed and built for the vaudeville acts of 1915. It was successful for a year but then fell into an economic slump. In order to bring in revenue, the owners recommissioned the top few floors as an apartment building, many of which are rumored to be riddled with bad spirits and stories of betrayal and grief.

Where: 10337 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Well, there you have it, folks. The 14 most haunted places in all of Canada. Now get out there and explore… if you dare. You never know what you’ll see, hear or even feel!