From the Yeti to Big Foot, Canada is a hotbed for unexplained activity, but have you ever thought about when or where you’re most likely to see a UFO here in Canada? Well, wonder or not – thanks to a new report published by Casino Source, we’ve actually got some answers.

Using data from the National UFO Reporting Centre, the company determined that Ontario that takes the saucer-shaped cake with an incredible 2,380 sightings since 1989.

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Photo via Casino Source

If, of course, this doesn’t sound like a lot to you (considering the country’s large population), it’s worth noting that this is over twice the number of encounters reported in British Columbia, which, with 1,151 – placed second overall.

In third place, Casino Source listed Alberta, where only 645 were logged, many of which likely occurred in 2013 – a year when UFO sightings were suspiciously high.

“UFOs in Canada have been spotted ever since the country was founded,” they wrote. “The government keeps a database of over 9,000 records of UFO information, so their existence is hard to deny.”

Photo via Casino Source

Those who would like to avoid being whisked away in a spaceship, however, are encouraged to move to Nunavut or the Yukon – where collectively, just 7 sightings were reported.

To see the entire report published on where you’re most likely to see a UFO here in Canada, you can visit the Casino Source website here otherwise, just know that the truth is out there – it’s just not up north!