Since it opened to the public in 1888, the Banff Springs Hotel has seen history, celebrity, and rebuilds, but it’s also seen tragedy. Millions of guests have checked in, but a few have never checked out. Some even believe that they still roam the halls of the iconic concrete castle in the Rockies, today.


Banff hotel haunted
Photo Via Banff Springs Hotel / Facebook

In 132 years, the popular Alberta vacation spot has allegedly set the scene for horrific murders, suicides, and terrible accidents. Rooms have been boarded up, and the paranormal are frequently recorded.

Some are skeptical, but many claim to have seen it with their own eyes. The bride of the Banff Springs is perhaps the most ‘active’ shadow of the hotel, even appearing on collector’s stamps and coins.

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Banff hotel haunted
Photo Via Banff Springs Hotel / Facebook

Like many ghost stories, retold hundreds of times, the details have become embellished and no one is quite sure who or what happened to the elusive women in white.

The most popular theory, dating back to 1920, was that a bride had fallen down a flight of stairs after she tripped on the hem of her dress. She’s typically reported, veiled and dancing throughout the grand ballroom.

Other unexplained apparitions and heavy activity have been recorded in room 873. Unfortunately, for adrenaline junkies or Shining fans looking to get a 5-star spook, the room doesn’t actually exist anymore. Apparently, after years of people claiming that they were terrorized in the suite, the hotel decided to permanently seal the room.

Banff hotel haunted
Photo Via Banff Springs Hotel / Facebook

Although hotel staff claims that no such crime ever took place, the room is believed to be the place where a man killed his wife and daughter before taking his own life.

Another spectre, much less sinister than the others is ‘Sam the Bellman.’ Said to be a helpful, cheery spirit, Sam is often mistaken for a live employee.

We’re not sure if we buy into any of these myths, stories, and legends, but we do get a bit of a funky shiver whenever we’re at the resort ourselves. It could be a chill from an open window or the presence of the lost and damned. Oooohhh, spooky.

Really though, if you’re ever in the area, check it out! You can view their website here. The food is excellent, the view is incredible and the spa is bomb-diggity. So what if the company is undead! In 2020, there’s no room for discrimination.