Who can say no to free eats? In honour of Jamaican Patty Day, the Jamaica Tourist Board is handing out free beef patties in Toronto this week. Here’s what to know.

On February 23rd, from 11 AM to 3 PM, all are welcome to visit the Jamaica pop-up space at the Bay Union Samples Kiosk right inside Union Station for a free Jamaican patty from Patties Express.

“Each year, Jamaican Patty Day celebrates a unique part of Toronto’s history while acknowledging the important contributions that the Jamaican Diaspora has made on the city’s culinary identity,” said Angella Bennett, Regional Director, Canada, Jamaica Tourist Board.

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“We’re looking forward to welcoming Torontonians to our pop-up space in Union Station on February 23 to try a free Jamaican beef patty and get a taste of the island!”

According to JTB,  Jamaican Patty Day tributes the fight in the ’80’s between Toronto’s Jamaican patty vendors and local food inspectors.

“Authorities claimed the city’s patty shops could not use the term “beef patties” to describe their tasty snack food offerings. Following a series of court battles, the Patty Wars were resolved in a ruling on February 23, 1985. The day has been known henceforth as Jamaican Patty Day in Toronto.”

Cheers to that! Now who is down for a free patty?

Jamaican Patty Day – Free giveaway

When: February 23 from 11 AM to 3 PM
Where: Jamaica pop-up space at the Bay Union Samples Kiosk inside Union Station – 65 Front Street West