There’s no denying the wonderful impact that bread has on the world. Coming in all shapes, forms, and flavours, what seems like a simple combination of ingredients is possibly one of the most diverse, staple foods created. And this new list covers just that. The list of the world’s best breads has been revealed and Canada was included.

The new and delicious list by CNN Travel, highlights the diversity of breads from around the world. From its memorable flavours to unique ingredients and “sheer, homey pleasure of eating them.”

And possibly surprising for some, Canada was among the 50 countries listed.

Though ranking them would be almost diabolical, the travel writers instead listed the most wonderful breads in alphabetical order, by location.

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The list includes Armenian lavash, Venezuelan arepas, Ethiopian injera, and Malaysian roti canai, among many more.

As for Canada’s mention, it’s not Beaver Tails (although we wouldn’t be opposed to that), but rather Montreal Bagels.

“The fire is always lit at Montreal’s Fairmount Bagel, which became the city’s first bagel bakery when it opened in 1919 under the name Montreal Bagel Bakery,” shares CNN Travel.

“Inside, bakers use long, slender wooden paddles to slide rows of bagels into the wood-fired oven, where they toast to a deep golden color.”

Compared to New York bagels, these bagels are mixed with egg and honey, according to CNN Travel. They are hand-shaped rings boiled in honey water before baking.

“New Yorkers might think they have a monopoly on bagels, but the Montreal version is an entirely different delicacy,” states CNN Travel. Hey, you heard it here first!

You can check out the full list here.

We don’t know about you but we suddenly have a craving for some carbs.