You can pick goal scorers & win FREE stuff with the Tim Hortons NHL Challenge

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Well folks, today’s the big day. The 2020/2021 NHL season officially kicks off, and we’re just about ready to lose it we’re so excited. Lucky for us, Tim Hortons is sweetening the deal with the return of the NHL Hockey Challenge. Here’s a quick rundown.

In a nutshell, you can use the Tim Hortons app to create fantasy hockey lineups every day. You pick 3 players that you think will score, and Tim’s will take care of the rest.

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Now, the payoff. If one of your picks scores, you’ll receive 10 points; for two, it’s 50 points; and for three, a whopping 150 points. For reference, you can get Tim Hortons items for as little as 60 points (if you’re craving a donut).

And, new for this year is the weekly challenge. If at least one pick scores on seven consecutive game days, you’ll get free tea or coffee for an entire week. Not a bad way to keep us involved at all, Mr Hortons.

This promotion starts today, and will end on March 7th. For more info on the NHL Hockey Challenge from Tim Hortons, just click here! Good luck with your picks, folks!