WestJet to start providing cash refunds for cancelled flights

Photo via WestJet

We have to say that credit where credit is due, folks. After some serious delays, WestJet announced it would begin refunding customers for cancelled flights on Wednesday. What’s more, this led to a little Twitter beef between them and Air Canada. The future is now, folks!

Ok, the actual news first. Starting November 2nd, WestJet will begin refunding cancelled flights to the traveller’s original form of payment. Why did it take so long for this to happen? Well, we have a hunch that airlines were hoping to bounce back financially to afford the refunds. Instead, at least in WestJet’s case, freeing up some cash meant widespread layoffs and cancelling routes.

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Now, about the Twitter beef. WestJet is claiming to become the first carrier in Canada to offer this, and Air Canada disagrees. We’re sure it boils down to semantics, but we did look through Air Canada’s press releases to see a reference, and couldn’t find anything. In fact, the only thing we saw was from CBC a few months back, and that referenced travel originating outside of Canada.

So a word to the wise, Air Canada. If you’re going to be snarky on a public platform, you should A) come with receipts and B) use the sunglasses emoji to show that you’re aloof. That’s how public opinion is won.

Anyway, you can check out the WestJet refund announcement in full right here.