We’re back with the Curiocity Fall Style Guide for 2020

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A select few of our readers might remember the Curiocity Fall Style Guide from last year. Well, we liked writing it, so we’re back with another for this year. Ready to read a weirdly detailed rundown of some trends to look forward to this winter? Sure you are!

Here’s the Curiocity Fall Style Guide for 2020.

Address the Elephant in the Room

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Since you’ll need to carry a mask pretty much everywhere, it might as well be a cool, reusable one. Set yourself apart with one that supports independent labels or features some kind of altruistic initiative. Or, go all out with some truly trendy designer picks.

Our Picks: House of Jimbo for those who want some pop, Roots for more understated choice, and Marine Serre for the trendsetters

Embrace work from home chic

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It’s clear that office culture will be irreversibly changed by this pandemic. If you think you’re going to be working from home more, then now’s the time to stock up on clothing that won’t have you looking like a total mess at the coffee shop, but is as comfortable as the terrible pajamas that only say one thing- I’ve given up.

Our picks: Jil Sander FW20 collection for the high fliers, and Christophe Lemaire’s Uniqlo U if you’d rather buy a car with the money in your pocket

Don’t Tone it Down Anymore


Monochromatic looks seem to be out, but tonal options are becoming more and more apparent. That works for us, since we can mix and match pieces from a whole bunch of places without throwing off the look. How many shades of blue can be on one person? Find out this fall.

Our Picks: High-fashion labels sacai and The Row have always been on the ball, while MUJI and Reigning Champ offer great layering options

And Get the Shoes to Match

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A new lifestyle also comes with some new ideas for what to wear on your feet. Gonna be exclusively darting from your apartment to the coffee shop? Then some mules or slip-ons are your new best friend. Feel like walking to the grocery store for exercise? You can’t go wrong with technical runners that protect you from the cold.

Our Picks: SSENSE never misses because they buy practically everything, and Salomon has emerged as the go-to pick for technical footwear

True Statement Pieces are a Must

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If you’re at all like us, the number of times you’re in public for fun has fallen off a cliff. But, that also gives you all the more reason to splurge on a statement piece this winter. The high/low contrast works well here, so you could spend a small fortune on designer, or spend some time sifting through vintage and thrift stores.

Our Picks: Balenciaga nailed the ‘look but don’t touch’ vibes this season, while Etsy has proven to be the best online marketplace for directly supporting small Canadian stores

Prepare for the Elements


Canada is in for a colder than normal winter. Pair this with reduced options for indoor entertainment, and cabin fever is going to be a major issue. So, now’s the time to figure out what kind of outdoor activities you’re going to do, and stock up on the appropriate items.

Our Picks: You can’t go wrong with the Outlet section on the Arc’teryx website. For the more frugal out there, your best bet for great value is your local military surplus store. And no, we’re not joking about that.

Non-designers are emerging as designers

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Ok, this is where we strut our fashion knowledge. This year has seen a number of ‘non-designers’ emerge with either their own lines or collaborations. Stylists, photographers and influencers have jumped in, with some amazing collections of their own.

Our Picks: Sorry fellas, but this is more for the ladies. Lotta Volkova (famed stylist for Balenciaga and Vetements among others) has an Adidas collaboration, while Petra Collins (photographer for Gucci and Vogue to name a couple) is about to release her first collection

And that concludes our fall style guide for 2020. Now, get out there and get back to dressin’, folks!