Edmonton to see sun and nice weather practically all week long!

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Happy Monday, folks! We know you’re probably thinking about what you’re going to get up to this week, and we’re happy to let you know that the weather looks like it’s going to accommodate outdoor activities. Perfect, because we were feeling a little cooped up over the weekend.

Basically, we’re going to hover around highs of 14 degrees up until Saturday. Not too cold, not too warm. And you’ll need is a light jacket, if that!

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Then, on Saturday we’re looking at a high of around 18. So, if you were planning on going on a social distance friendly excursion outside you might want to wait until then. Although, we’re sure the rest of the city has the same idea.

Sunday is going to be kind of gross, with just a little touch of rain in the forecast and a high of 13. Hey, fine by us so long as it’s not snowing.

Enjoy the week, Edmonton!

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