Choo, choose, your next adventure wisely! From cars and trucks to your own two feet, there are a ton of ways to see Wild Rose Country and the rest of Canada, but have you considered travelling VIA Rail?

This summer, those who want to try something new are encouraged to pack their bags for a uniquely Canadian journey to a number of hotspots, often for less than what you’d pay for a plane ticket.

Whether you’re looking to go shopping in a big(ger) city, visit friends and family in a different province, or take it easy, this True North way of transportation will get you from point A to point B in style.

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Not sure where they chug to? The following are routes currently being offered to Albertans:


Vancouver – Jasper
Edmonton – Jasper
Toronto – Jasper
Prince George – Jasper


Toronto – Edmonton
Vancouver – Edmonton
Montréal – Edmonton
Winnipeg – Edmonton
Saskatoon – Edmonton

If you’re interested head over to their website now and get booking!

One-way rides from Edmonton to Toronto start at just $378, while trips from Jasper to Vancouver start at $189, so check it out!

You may just fall in love with travelling VIA Rail!