Data shows Edmonton as global leader in return to walking amid pandemic

Via Shutterstock

Here’s a fun little factoid for Thursday- an associate professor at the University of Calgary has found that Edmonton is leading the world when it comes to getting back outside. The professor, Blake Shaffer, used Apple Mobility Data over the past few weeks to come to this conclusion.

And according to him, Edmonton has seen the greatest recovery in walking trends when you compare the lowest point of the past few weeks to April 28th. Yup, Edmonton is literally outpacing the world when it comes to getting back out and about.

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Now, it is important to note that the middle of March was super cold, and was also the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Even if people were motivated to go outside, it’s hard to be staring at -13C and snow and still be excited.

But now, the very is looking nicer and social distancing seems to be working. We’re definitely getting out and about more (safely). Take a trip to a local park! You won’t regret it.