Airlines are suing Canada over new passenger rights policies

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Looks like even in the face of a major lawsuit from a few hundred airlines, Canada is not backing down when it comes to passenger rights. The new policies will come into effect later this month and in December. They aim to provide passengers with guaranteed compensation for lost luggage and delayed or cancelled flights, among other issues.

We’re jumping in the streets about it. We have personal experience with delays, cancelled flights, other passengers poking us with sweaty toes, the works. Finally, we won’t have to take to Twitter to air out our woes!! Although we might still dabble since everyone loves reading that sort of thing (…right?).

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Anyway, these passenger rules could end up compensating us troubled plane riders up to $1000 for inconveniences and last minute cancellations. Lost luggage could mean up to another $2100. Denied boarding due to overbooking? 2400 big ones. Now we almost *want* something to go wrong…

It’s a real thing of beauty, and we can understand why airlines would be upset about the new regulations. As it currently stands, Canada is like the wild west of air travel, with little guarantees regarding flight changes and other issues.

Now, the real question is, will both parties continue to escalate this in court? All we know is that we don’t want Canada to back down on these passenger rights. You can read the highlights of the new regulations here.

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