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McDonald’s closes doors to the public across Canada

Via Fox News

In a very necessary move, McDonald’s Canada is officially closing its doors to the public due to COVID-19. It’s the latest in a long line of businesses that have had to essentially stop all traffic in order to help prevent the spread of the outbreak.

As of Sunday, March 22nd, you can no longer walk into a McDonald’s to snag your food. Instead, the drive-thru and delivery services can still get you your prized Happy Meals and Big Macs. Honestly, it feels like this should have happened weeks ago.

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What did happen a week ago was that McDonald’s closed all in-restaurant seating areas. That halted some of the crowds that can pile up in a McDonald’s but obviously didn’t do enough to keep stores safe.

There are more changes coming to our day-to-day activities. McDonald’s Restaurant is the latest business to announce it’s closing its doors to the public.

So, it looks like you’ll have to order ahead or hit the drive-thru if you really, really need that McDonald’s fix. Either that or you can grab food from some local businesses that really need your help. After all, this is the time where helping each other is more important than ever.