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Spendy or savvy: your guide to a summer recharge

Photo via Roberto Nickson

As much as we love festivals, backyard BBQs and frosé, it can all take a bit of a toll by the time August rolls around. It’s easy to forget that summer should also be about recharging and relaxing (even if it’s only until the next patio sesh). We’ve teamed up with Brightside to give you some inspo on the top rejuvenating activities your body will thank you for, no matter your budget.

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1. Spa-aaaah

kananaskis nordic spa

Savvy- It’s summer and you don’t want to waste a moment (we get it!). Save some time without giving up some well-deserved relaxation by trying out Massago. The app that lets you order a Registered Massage Therapist to your house in as little as an hour. Massages on demand? Genius. Their prices are set and reasonable in comparison to many clinics and spas. Pro tip: turn on a diffuser to amp up the spa vibes at home.

Spendy- Get the ultimate aprés-play relaxation at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa. The hype for this place is real. Spend the day alternating in five outdoor pools, six saunas, and steam cabins to fully relieve your mind and body. Add on one of their signature massage therapy services and you’ll be floating in the clouds for days.

BONUS: Brightside is giving you a chance to win a Pamper Yo Self Package at Kananaskis Nordic Spa. Sign up for Brightside’s waitlist at and you’ll be entered to win as part of Random Acts of Brightside: Summer Edition.

2. Get Moving

Savvy- A sweat sesh can do wonders for your mental health. Ditch the gym and take your workout outdoors. Go for a run, practice some yoga, or do a bodyweight workout while making the most out of the summer weather (at least it isn’t snowing, #arewerite). Long summer days make it easier to get in an early morning or late evening stint too. So let that fresh air do its thing for your mind and body!

Spendy- Hit up one of Edmonton’s many boutique fitness classes. Whether it’s a HIIT at XTherapy, spin at YEG Cycle, or boxing at Champs, get ready to sweat EVERYTHING out. These workout parties are in their own class of therapy and bound to leave you re-energized for whatever summer plans you have. The mood lighting, banging beats, and group setting will have you working extra hard and feeling extra accomplished.

3. Unplug to Recharge

recharge calgary

Savvy- Trade in notifications for pageturners. Escape the everyday with a good read. Our latest obsession? The Edmonton Public Library. Become a member and you’ll get access to a huge selection of both brand new and older titles, e-books included, all completely free of charge. You can search and reserve online to download e-books or choose your pick up location if you want to indulge fully.

Spendy- Being deep in the Rocky Mountains is a sure way to force yourself to unplug. Book a stay at the gorgeous and remote Emerald Lake Lodge (so remote, there’s no cell service). You’ll be so mesmerized by your surroundings that you’ll forget to look at your phone anyway. Except to maybe snap a photo for a #latergram. Don’t forget your hiking shoes, a good book and a bottle of vino to make the most of your time off the grid.

4. Refuel

Savvy- If you’re like us, food trucks and ice cream have taken precedence over our recommended daily veg intake. Even if you’re not ready to go fully vegetarian or vegan, vegetable-forward dishes are healthy, usually easier to cook and much cheaper than their meat counterparts. You’ll be shocked at just how versatile chickpeas can be. Need some inspo? There’s no shortage of local Alberta talent- like Daily Clove and Food by Maria– sharing veg-friendly recipes and tips.

Spendy- Why not try out a meal kit delivery service like Chef’s Plate or GoodFood? Most have healthier meal choices (vegetarian included) and you’ll save time on shopping as they’re delivered straight to your door with all the ingredients you need to make the full meal. Get savvy (while you’re spendy) and take advantage of discount codes for first time orders or cash in on your friend’s referral codes to save some dough (not the pizza kind).

Summer isn’t over yet folks! Time to recharge and get right back to it! Make it savvy or spendy but either way, make sure you follow all the fun on IG @HiBrightsider and sign up for their waitlist at for your chance to win even more cool prizes all summer long with Random Acts of Brightside: Summer Edition!

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