Put on your thinking caps, friends! A real-life treasure hunt in Toronto is about to begin at The Grand Order of Divine Sweets and there are some very sweet prizes up for grabs. Not only will the hidden treasure contain a delicious handcrafted treat, but also a scroll you’ll need to bring to the bakery to redeem your prize.

There will be 10 “mini treasure chests” hidden around the city. In the chests are Easter best-sellers like the Game of Thrones Dragon Egg, a geode egg, an Easter basket, a chocolate zombie bunny, cupcakes, and cakes.

Also in the chests are unique scrolls pertaining to a specific prize that’s waiting for you at the bakery.

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The grand prize, however, is the Golden Egg — a large, dark chocolate smash egg covered in edible gold and filled with treats and $1,000 cash.

All of the chests will be hidden in accessible outdoor locations this Saturday, April 2.

The hunt is on until every chest is found, and you’ll want to keep tabs on the bakery’s social media for clues and real-time updates about which chests have been uncovered, and which are still left for you to find.

If you’re feeling extra keen, you can also visit the bakery before the day of the hunt to ask staff for additional clues about the locations.

The chests will be hidden rain or shine, so dress for the weather and get ready to find your loot!


Where: 1162 Queen St W & city-wide
When: Starting on Saturday, April 2, 10 a.m.