It’s time to plan your next winter getaway! And luckily for you, Via Rail is offering one-way tickets to Montreal for a pretty sweet discount. Here’s what to know about this exciting deal.

On Tuesdays, Via Rail offers cheaper tickets for any of its trips, including those to Montreal.

The “Escape” Fare has several departures from Toronto each day and is offered at a discounted price.

To get in on this deal, use the discount code “Tuesday” as you select your booking dates, and you’ll see some fares to Montreal at $54 under “Escape.”

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You can begin to see Tuesday pricing starting January 9th for the morning trains, with the earliest departure at 6:47 AM.

For more departure times, January 9th has several trips available throughout the day for $54 before tax.

The $54 Tuesday discount is also offered for trips from Toronto to Ottawa and Windsor, too.

If you’ve never taken the train, this could be your chance. And there’s nothing like a little time away in beautiful Montreal.

“When you travel by train, you can explore the wonders of Canada in an environmentally friendly, relaxing and safe way,” states Via Rail. “The train often travels from downtown-to-downtown, so you arrive at your destination, right in the heart of the city.”

So what are you waiting for?! All aboard!