Washington might not be so haunted, but it can be a little strange. It, like many other states has some oddly named places, like Cape Disappointment. Let’s check it out and see how it compares to other odd and spooky place names in the US.

The Farmer’s Almanac listed 15 places in the US with downright weird and scary names. And before you ask, yes these places really exist.

Cape Disappointment is located on the southwest most point of Washington State. According to the Almanac, it is one of the foggiest places in the nation, with our state clocking in 165 foggy days a year on average.

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We have to say, the Instagram post above is making the cape look anything but disappointing. It appears that the cape is kind of like Mount Rainier, whether or not you’ll be able to see the view, entirely depends on the day.

The other strangely named places listed by the Almanac include the following:

  • Dead Women Crossing, Oklahoma
  • Accident, Maryland
  • Gripe, Arizona
  • Idiotville, Oregon
  • Peculiar, Missouri
  • Oddville, Kentucky
  • Hell, Michigan
  • Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts
  • Hazard, Kentucky
  • Boring (towns in Maryland, Oregon, and Tennessee)
  • Dinkytown, Minnesota
  • Mistake Island, Maine
  • Embarrass, Wisconsin
  • Eek, Alaska

We’re happy to see our neighbours down in Oregon also make list, although we don’t that they’re idiots or boring. This is probably just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to place names in the US so if you have some favorites be sure to share them!