We’ve got ghost towns, ghost stories, and a few ‘haunted’ places, but is Washington actually haunted? We all have our opinions, but according to a new report, that absolutely is not the case.

Now how did moveBuddha.com determine this report? The website used factors like the number of ghost sightings per capita, number of unsolved homicides per capita, number of haunted places per capita, and more. These factors were divided into three categories Spook Score, Creep Score, and Boo Score, and each state was ranked from 1-10 between these categories.

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Photo via moveBuddha.com

So how did we rank? We actually came in 40th place which is scary in itself. But let’s take a broader look at how the states ranked.

The least haunted states in the country:

1. Hawaii
2. Nevada
3. Colorado
4. Arizona
5. Iowa
6. Washington, D.C.
7. North Carolina
8. Utah
9. Nebraska
10. Washington

The most haunted states in the country:

1. New Mexico
2. Michigan
3. West Virginia
4. Florida
5. Pennsylvania
6. Alaska
7. Oklahoma
8. Indiana
9. Texas
10. Missouri

Looks like we’re going to have to try to get a little spookier folks. Until then you can check out the full report at the movebuddha website.