Well, folks, Canada has announced its very own vaccine passport, but it might not be what you’re expecting. The federal government will be working with Canada’s provinces, territories, and First Nations communities to bring the plan to life. Here’s what you should know about it.

Basically, the Canada vaccine passport will be a standardized system that tracks vaccine statuses across the country. Then, this national database will allow would-be international travellers with easy, verified documentation to present to foreign border officials. While the focus is on digital proof (via a website or an app), verified paper documents will also be created for those who need them.

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This plan is meant to avoid potential headaches for those wishing to travel, rather than the restrictive measures of ‘vaccine passports’ used in places like New York and now Quebec. So, travellers who are not vaccinated may still travel, but will be subject to whatever rules and regulations apply in their destination countries, or during transit. This also applies for their return to Canada, which still requires tests and quarantine for unvaccinated individuals.

While Canada’s official guidelines still advise against international travel, this marks a major step in recognizing the reopening both at home and away. There’s no timeline for the implementation of the new vaccine passport for Canada, so we’ll update you when that comes out!