Today, the federal government announced that vaccines will become mandatory for most forms of domestic travel in Canada by the end of October. Although these measures were first mentioned back in August, a lot of stuff has happened since then. Including, you know, the whole federal election thing.

Well, the Liberal Party had two main promises about vaccine mandates. And today, they went ahead and followed through on them. First up- all federal employees will need to provide proof of vaccination before the end of October. Those who do not comply will be placed on administrative leave, without pay, by mid-November.

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More important (for us, at least) was the announcement regarding travel. By the end of October, anyone 12 and older who wishes to travel via plane or train in Canada will need to provide proof of vaccination. Only in extreme circumstances (like legitimate medical exemptions) will people be able to travel without being vaccinated.

There will be a short grace period to allow those who are in the process of being vaccinated to still travel. However, this will not be the case by the end of November. In short, if you’re looking to travel by plane or train this winter, you will need to be fully vaccinated. There will be no more pre-boarding COVID tests.

To implement this, the federal government will be rolling out a national vaccine passport in the coming weeks. Additionally, it will be supporting provinces looking to implement their own vaccine passports.

Official dates have yet to be announced, but we will update you when that happens.