Some 18 months after the US border was shut down to Canadian travellers, US government officials have finally revealed the reopening date of the US-Canada land border. The news comes just days after a general announcement, and over two months after Canada decided to reopen its side to American travellers. Better late than never, we guess.

The news comes from White House Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Munoz. The official date is set for November 8th, which is in line with the general announcement earlier this week. Of course, the reopening of land borders isn’t just for Canadians- America’s neighbour to the south, Mexico, will also be eligible.

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As it stands, the land border will be reopening only to those who have been fully vaccinated using one type of WHO-approved vaccine. The list includes of approved vaccines includes Pfizer, Modern, Johnson & Johnson and, luckily, AstraZeneca. Unfortunately, America has still not decided on the eligibility of those who have received mixed mRNA vaccines. They only had like 6 months to figure it out, and there are only some 4 million Canadians with mixed vaccinations, so who can blame them!

Ironically, the vast majority of travellers will be able to simply say they have been vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will only be required if travellers are selected for secondary inspections by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. Basically, they’re ready to take your word for it, which is kind of crazy considering it’s been, you know, a global pandemic.

But hey, we’re just happy that Canada has implemented much more stringent policies regarding foreign travellers!