Weird flex, we know. Unicode Consortium, which is basically the gatekeeper of emojis, has once again opened up submissions for new ideas. And while there are currently over 3,500 floating around, we think a few more wouldn’t hurt at all. Especially if they’ve got some Canadian touches. Who knows, maybe they’ll replace our (admittedly pretty basic) current favourite.

Before we give our picks, we’re making it clear that this is not a ‘how-to’ guide. Turns out, the guidelines for submitting emojis are pretty complicated, going way beyond mailing off a crayon drawing with a caption underneath (our personal limit). If you’re tech savvy and actually thinking that this would be fun, then head to the Unicode website for more info.

Anyway, we’ve always been more ideas people, and that’s what we’re going to dive in to now.

1. Canadian Goose


Of all the animals in emoji form, did you know that goose still hasn’t made it on there? There’s actually a proposal in the works right now, but, it’s for the more refined white version, which might as well be a swan. Get the real menace in there (even Drake has problems with them), and show Canada some love while you’re at it.

2. Maple Syrup


Surprisingly, not even syrup is in the emoji bank, let alone maple syrup. And even more surprising is that there are no submissions for a version either. Whether it’s from a can, a dispenser, or one of those leaf-shaped bottles, we think syrup deserves a shoutout.

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3. Sasquatch

The ‘foot’ representation of Sasquatch is an emoji, but it’s time to kick things up a notch. Luckily, a version of the mythical beast, but under the name Bigfoot, is already in the works. We just hope that both names are accepted once it rolls out.

4. Cannabis/Hemp Leaf


Yeah, we’re going there. As you’ve probably guessed, cannabis has been submitted many times, but hasn’t gone up for re-review since 2019. Unicode has at least a half-dozen emojis dedicated to alcohol, and the only mushroom emoji has psychedelic properties. It’s time for weed (in the form of a hemp leaf) to get its proper, legal, representation.

5. Bag of Milk

bag of milk emojis canada
Photo via Rowe Farms

And finally, we come to the emoji we most want to see in the future. It’s not just parts of Canada that rep milk bags… Europe, South America and Asia all have countries joining in on the fun. Plus, we have yet to find a better way to describe a hangover than saying we ‘feel like a bag of milk’.

There you have it! All of our selfish ideas for some Canada-focused emojis we want to see in the future. Now get out there and kiss a goose for good luck about them coming, eh?