When we think of 30 degree days in Canada, our minds go to the usual suspects… somewhere in Interior BC, maybe some southern town in the prairies, Toronto, and Montreal. And while those last two came pretty darn close, turns out that you have to look way further north to find the answer.

According to The Weather Network, it was the tiny community of Moosonee, Ontario that won the race. And no, this isn’t edge of the Great Lakes Ontario- Moosonee sits at the southern tip of the Hudson Bay, and literally bills itself as “the Edge of the Arctic”.

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moosonee ontario 30 degree day
Image via The Weather Network

And while we were surprised about it, apparently places like that are more likely to see super hot early summer days than Toronto. The reason? Toronto (and Vancouver, and Montreal) is tempered by its waterfront location, while Ontario’s far north is much less susceptible to it.

A final fun weather fact to wrap things up- this year’s race ended sooner than last year’s, with Moosonee seeing 30+ degrees almost a week earlier than Lytton, BC did last year. We’re hoping it’s a good sign of a hot (but not too hot) summer ahead!