And unfortunately, it’s not the troll (sad troll noises). A new report has revealed the most popular emoji in Canada, which also happens to be the most popular one in the world! Think you can guess it? We’ll give you a hint: we’re crying tears of joy about it.

A website called Crossword Solver took a deep dive into the land of emojis, scouring over 9 million tweets that were geotagged. They managed to find not only the most popular emoji in the world, but also the preferences of individual countries.

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most popular emoji canada
Image via Crossword Solver

And in Canada, alongside some 74 other countries, it’s the “face with tears of joy” (?) emoji that reigns supreme. Other countries that use the emoji the most? Everywhere from America to Portugal to Fiji. The runner-up spot goes to the “red heart” (❤️), naturally.

Beyond that, most countries had their national flag as their frontrunner. But there is some deviation- in particular, the “loudly crying face” (?) , which took first place in Antigua and Barbuda and a fair bit of African countries. That’s a little different, hey?

Anyway, now you know what the most popular emoji in Canada is… are you going to toe the line, or is it time to try and make a change?